the first knitted toy I ever made

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver (I think)
Pattern: via craftster forums
Completed: circa 2004-2005

Was this my first stuffed toy? I think so. I remember really wanting to make this after seeing the post even after realizing I was short on materials; I figured, though, that I could make a blue monkey stuffed with tissues (which, by the way, is why his head is exceptionally heavy… )

This is not worked in the round and so is a good pattern for practicing a bit of seaming.

In the end I think my version turned out a bit like a Neopets Blumaroo (is it bad that I know enough about Neopets to make this connection?) only with monkey ears and a skinny tail. Add a pouch and make some modifications to Mr. Dangly, though, and it really would make a cute kangaroo.