Materials: Perler (iron-on wax) beads
Pattern: based on pictures of LED devices placed in Boston
Completed: February 2007

Inspired by the Boston Lite-Brite Mooninite threat reports (see Wikipedia entry) and this craft:blog post about Nintendo character coasters, this Perler-bead Ignignokt was made as a Valentine’s Day present.

Several difficulties about this project:

  • I tried to melt a lot of the bead holes so that there are not visible (see the Mario coaster, for example) and succeeded with the green and black, but black melts a lot faster than the other colors so parts of Ignignokt are quite thin and the whole thing uneven.
  • Some of the black melted into the green; or, rather, the black melted onto the iron, which melted back onto the green. I managed to avoid this with the light blue.
  • Due to “pixel”/pegboard difficulties, he is not exactly holding up a middle finger… it’s more like a ring or index finger. But the thought is there.

Still, this was quite a success. Other pixellated characters would also be great.