September 2007

minimalist back

So here is yet another work in progress. Probably the easiest (most mindless?) project going on right now–even the Central Park Hoodie requires counting rows once in a while to get the cables right, but this type of endless, endless moss stitch is easily done while watching TV/catching up on reading for 3 criminal justice lectures, oops/helplessly cramming for theory and music history :x

The pattern is from the Fall 2007 issue of Interweave. The yarn is Knit Picks Main Line, which is a nice 75% cotton 25% merino blend. It’s kind of thick-feeling, but overall the texture is smooth and makes a nice fabric. So far there seems to be pretty good drape, so I’m happy. Hopefully Main Line will come in more colors in the future, though; I haven’t been thrilled with what I’ve been picking lately; this is in “ink” which unfortunately is not “jet-black” ink but rather “gone through the wash many times” ink… I’m torn between disliking it and appreciating that the finished product will look comfortably worn-in.

Still, for this kind of non-form-fitting garment the yarn works quite effectively and most of my black pants are already this color anyway… and moss stitch looks awesome.

moss stitch

By the way, I finished the back of the CPH and am almost done with the front–just 2 more inches of the arm hole shaping I think and then the neck. So that’s slowly progressing… blocking is also difficult since the sinks are tiny at school and so I have to do my piece soaking/washing in the shower… damn. So I either need to overcome the awkwardness of walking out of a dormitory shower with a bucket of wet knitted things or I need to ask someone who lives in a house/apartment a favor. More posts with WIPs coming up!


CPH back - mirrored cables

So the back is almost done. Yeah! Just a few more inches around the armhole area left. I was a knitting idiot and didn’t swatch, but stretching this just enough to define the cables was enough to get roughly 16.5″… probably all I need.

By the way, this is a really horrible representation of the color. See the previous hoodie-related post for better coloring.

In anticipation for my parents’ birthdays (or Christmas, depending on how long all of this takes) I am making two mitered squares blankets out of Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Instead of using making the blankets “psychedelic”, though, I’m only using three (maybe four) colors for each; Dad’s is a sunflowerish theme (or a lion? Maybe that is more masculine) with LB Wool-Ease’s chestnut heather, avocado, and gold, and Mom’s theme is inspired by one of her necklaces that she likes: peacock (I hope this actually looks like turquoise), plus either oxford grey and camel or maybe blush heather or white thrown in there somehow. Depending on how far the Wool-Ease I have takes me, these might be full size cover-the-couch-or-bed deals or just lapghans. The squares knit up pretty quickly, so I don’t think I’ll have trouble doing two large-ish blankets; decreasing on every other row just makes me feel a strong sense of accomplishment somehow… :)

sunflower blanket squares

My only complaint is the chestnut heather color that I mistook for a deep brown when I first saw it. In the picture above it also looks kind of okay, but in reality it is almost a purplish-red-brown, especially next to the avocado; hopefully avocado-gold and chestnut heather-gold squares will not clash as much as these do. In the future, though, I’ll definitely go with chocolate brown instead.

I also started on the Central Park Hoodie (Interweave Knitscene fall 2006). My somewhat unreasonable fear of cables will be conquered! This is in a deep but wonderfully vivid green color of Cascade 220 superwash (an indulgence in yarn snobbery of sorts), further deepening my love for things I really cannot afford but luckily find on eBay.

central park hoodie back

Progress as of this morning. There are still awkward holes next to and behind the cable twists like all of the other cables I have tried to knit in the past, but I was pulling on stitches with a crochet hook and it might really just be a tension issue. Hopefully I can fix it while actually knitting, however, or else my patience will probably run out if I go up every row pulling on stitches to close holes. Other than that I’ve read the whole pattern and it doesn’t seem horrifying; the only other fear I have is the actual fit; more on this later.

first knitted article of clothing

Yarn: Lion Cotton
Pattern: “ribbed lace bolero” from 10 feet high
Completed: September 10, 2007

bolero back

The genius behind this pattern is that it is really only a rectangle. The fit is surprisingly good; mine is a little loose under the arm (even looser than the usual extra folds at the arm pit of many shrugs like this) but if I just reseam it’ll look okay. And the lace goes very, very quickly–only, I cheated and just skipped the cabling that makes the two sides symmetrical. Fold the collar over, however, and no one can see the omission. Incidentally, I also finished watching Ouran High School Host Club as I was binding off :)

Here is another Barbara Walker mosaic pattern called maze. The chart is from a Knitty hat pattern and I tried it out–it knitted pretty thickly, but the chart was easy to memorize. I’m now thinking of making something felted with some of these mosaic patterns as soon as I get my hands on some animal fiber yarns.

maze swatch

bolero in progress

This is the “I’ve watched way too much Ouran High School Host club” WIP, or the ribbed lace bolero from the awesome blog 10 feet high. Soon to be finished and blocked!

Paycheck came in and I have a zero balance on my credit card (!!), so under the pretext of purchasing music history textbooks I spent hours on eBay buying yarn. However I did still spend loads less money on the yarn than the books (3 books + 12 CDs for one class = empty wallet); this is my trying-to-stay-guilt-free line of thinking. I am a bulk buyer for everyone I can buy in bulk, after all, so I can’t resist eBay.

Recent purchases/wins include:

  • Interweave Knitscene magazine, fall 2006
  • 6 skeins of Patons SWS (“Natural Earth”)
  • 5 skeins of Cascade 220 superwash (color #801, some type of darkish green)
  • 2 skeins of Cascade 220 (color #9430, highland green I think)
  • Addi Turbo circulars, sizes 3, 4, 5
  • the whole set of Norton Western Music related books

And hopefully 6 skeins of Rowan Cotton Glace (color: “passion”) that I have really high hopes for.

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