Moving in was quite a difficult process. Randomized student allocation led to my placement in a poorly designed room leading to an approximately 9’x7′ of space. Throw a bed, dresser, and desk in there and I’m not even sure how much floor space I have. From this picture it is probably apparent that I had trouble making the transition between living in a two-bedroom apartment to here:

moving in

Fortunately everything is in order (no picture yet, though) and there’s been time for some quality TV/anime (hereby blaming Hannah for all current addictions) which inevitably leads to knitting:

bottom up progress

First, that bottom-up raglan is finally growing. Yeah! more pictures when I get to sleeve level.

mosaic knitting

And now, a mystery swatch… ? Today’s after-rehearsal time was spent figuring out how to do these “mosaic” patterns. I will invest in the Barbara Walker book soon, but for now I’m managing by counting stitches from various swatch pictures (this Barbara Walker Mosaic Knitting pattern, called “chain,” is featured in a post in the Walker Treasury Project) and the explanation of mosaic/slip stitch color knitting from an older knitty article. Where will the pattern go? How will other patterns turn out? I have several other patterns drawn out on graph paper still to be swatched before I decide on which one to use on an article of clothing… or something. Blocking and then decision to follow.