first knitted article of clothing

Yarn: Lion Cotton
Pattern: “ribbed lace bolero” from 10 feet high
Completed: September 10, 2007

bolero back

The genius behind this pattern is that it is really only a rectangle. The fit is surprisingly good; mine is a little loose under the arm (even looser than the usual extra folds at the arm pit of many shrugs like this) but if I just reseam it’ll look okay. And the lace goes very, very quickly–only, I cheated and just skipped the cabling that makes the two sides symmetrical. Fold the collar over, however, and no one can see the omission. Incidentally, I also finished watching Ouran High School Host Club as I was binding off :)

Here is another Barbara Walker mosaic pattern called maze. The chart is from a Knitty hat pattern and I tried it out–it knitted pretty thickly, but the chart was easy to memorize. I’m now thinking of making something felted with some of these mosaic patterns as soon as I get my hands on some animal fiber yarns.

maze swatch