minimalist back

So here is yet another work in progress. Probably the easiest (most mindless?) project going on right now–even the Central Park Hoodie requires counting rows once in a while to get the cables right, but this type of endless, endless moss stitch is easily done while watching TV/catching up on reading for 3 criminal justice lectures, oops/helplessly cramming for theory and music history :x

The pattern is from the Fall 2007 issue of Interweave. The yarn is Knit Picks Main Line, which is a nice 75% cotton 25% merino blend. It’s kind of thick-feeling, but overall the texture is smooth and makes a nice fabric. So far there seems to be pretty good drape, so I’m happy. Hopefully Main Line will come in more colors in the future, though; I haven’t been thrilled with what I’ve been picking lately; this is in “ink” which unfortunately is not “jet-black” ink but rather “gone through the wash many times” ink… I’m torn between disliking it and appreciating that the finished product will look comfortably worn-in.

Still, for this kind of non-form-fitting garment the yarn works quite effectively and most of my black pants are already this color anyway… and moss stitch looks awesome.

moss stitch

By the way, I finished the back of the CPH and am almost done with the front–just 2 more inches of the arm hole shaping I think and then the neck. So that’s slowly progressing… blocking is also difficult since the sinks are tiny at school and so I have to do my piece soaking/washing in the shower… damn. So I either need to overcome the awkwardness of walking out of a dormitory shower with a bucket of wet knitted things or I need to ask someone who lives in a house/apartment a favor. More posts with WIPs coming up!