No pictures today, but a few thoughts regarding WIPs and new projects:

The mitered square blankets – I’m not liking these so much because I picked really wacky colors… entirely my fault. Plus late night knitting = not paying attention = not realizing that the gold wool ease I ordered is bulky weight… ! (Seriously, I nearly always only knit during the wee hours of the morning.) So I’m thinking about entrelac… think a lapghan version of Knitty’s Danica/a far less fancy Lady Eleanor. Or, for you visual people, take a look at this awesome bag someone on craftster made but imagine a blanket like this. I think my parents would go for it, yeah?

Cardigans – These are the items for which I will tolerate monotony for a while just because they’re cool. Progress is slow, though; for the CPH I have an inch of the arm shaping and then the neck to go on the left front piece and for the minimalist cardigan I’m still only a few inches into the back.

The green-gray bottom-up raglan – yes, I know I haven’t even gotten to the raglan decreases yet but DAMN acrylic is squeaky. Now that I have (way too many) other wearable things to work on I don’t feel as bad about not finishing this. It may become a tank top, hahaha.

Something for instant gratification – this is so very necessary. Last night while pseudo-studying for music history I ended up swatching Eunny Jang’s endpaper mitts pattern (thus journeying into the wide world of colorwork) as well as the very cool smocking stitch shown in this French press jacket pattern <– which I really like, by the way and probably would make–if I owned a French press, or even a mug.

2. Mini argyle! She is a knitting genius. I think I’ll swatch and/or make a quick bag. Was tempted to turn endpaper swatch into a bag initially, but as I actually plan on making the mitts I’ll wait to actually execute that pattern.

(3. Unrelated to knitting: I’ve also started to doodle/sketch again. Gratification? Oh yes.)

Shawl – So tempted. So very tempted. MUST resist browsing for yarn, however.

Cooking – I encountered Joyful Abode via craftster (where else?) and am suddenly hit with the urge to make all of this food that looks really delicious. My current grocery-buying situation is somewhat tricky but come December, WATCH OUT ROOMMATE(S).

Now that that’s said, time for some actual studying.