(Edited to add late-night rambling commentary. Enjoy.)

minimalist back completed

The color on this picture (on my screen, anyway) is a bit closer to the real KP Main Line “ink” color as I perceive it in real life. Maybe a little too green… I had this indirectly under a desk lamp. Imagine the real color as something between the color in this photo and the darker and more true-black color from the pictures I took in this earlier post.

CPH back completed

This CPH back has been done for a while, but as you can see it’s still all curled in its cables and stockinette. Upon handling the two large back pieces I think I should have probably done a CPH in Main Line/Cascade Sierra (have never actually used Sierra, but similar fiber content and occasionally cheaper by the yard?) and the Minimalist Cardigan in 220. I expected a little bit of extra stiffness in the Main Line and while I’m still feeling good about the Minimalist, I feel like my CPH is a little thin and will be even thinner once blocked. Still, I’m enjoying both projects (should just have confidence in first properly done swatches) and after all, if I have the patience and money (and I’ll at least have money if/when I do a yarn switch for second attempts at these cardigans, considering the very distant projected finish dates for both of these plus my resolution to not buy any more yarn until I’ve actually finished something) these are not at all bad pieces to own multiples of.

Left front for CPH is almost done; just cast on for Minimalist left front on Friday but am already several inches in due to huge weekend reading assignments. Progress!