thermal - first WIP shot

Wheeee fingering yarn on size 2 needles!

Pattern: Thermal from Knitty
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in petal
Needles: Size 2 Knit Picks circulars

I’m pretty sure this will only be a vest because damn I can’t make a sweater out of yarn this thin (even though the sweater is awesome: FO from Team Knit) and originally I got the yarn from a different project. But I forgot that KP colors always end up more brilliant/nearly florescent than what I think it will be (and yes, I know I should get a color card since I buy from their store all the time, but alas) so I left it alone until this brilliant pattern came along. Another reason for vest/tank instead of sweater: can I really wear a hot pink long-sleeved sweater? I don’t think I want to. But something sleeveless and layerable? Better.

This is the slowest WIP ever, but at least twisted rib is more interesting than regular 1×1 and I don’t get those funky loose knit-side stitches I usually do in rib:

thermal ribbing detail

Still not at the waffling… sigh.