lettuce wrap

Nothing special but very lean ground beef is always a plus in my book. Plus this is probably the first time I have voluntarily eaten mushrooms; not that I really, really dislike them, but… well, these were good wrapped up in lettuce. And sesame oil = A+.

Much, MUCH more importantly, however, there was the matter of last night’s dessert:

chocolate pear cake

Very, very awesome recipe courtesy of Ysolda. To show why I am so amazed by this seemingly run-of-the-mill cake/brownie type dessert, let me list the ingredients:

  • dark chocolate, melted
  • sugar
  • sliced pears
  • eggs
  • almonds
  • avocado

And that is all. Avocado? Oh yes. And no butter. It is quite reminiscent of a brownie-type dessert (no complaints here) and the baked pears really complement this. Peter is requesting some kind of berry compote with this instead of the pears; I’m considering doing a layer cake; two sheets of this with dark chocolate mousse or that coffee panna cotta in the middle and then raspberry compote/sauce on top. Deadly? Probably. But it sounds so good… :)

Seriously, try this recipe. You don’t taste the avocado, it’s healthy/healthier (another note: this called for 4 oz sugar; I used a little less than 3), and it’s delicious!