The tiny distraction project of the week is the Bainbridge Scarf. I have these two skeins of Cascade 220 wool in an awkward medium green that I’ve been doing different swatch patterns with, because I thought I would want some kind of simple green scarf to go with my brown winter jacket. However, there is just something about this shade of green that turned normally nice stitch patterns into “ehhh” swatches. Or maybe I have just been in a bad mood… Nonetheless I finally settled on this very simple scarf, and so far I am quite happy (finally).

scarf side preference

I would like to take some time and make one of these cheap light boxes. Until then, my bed sheet, laptop, or lap will continue to serve as photo backgrounds. At least the color combination here is cute? Also not entirely sure which side of this pattern I will use as the outside. At first I was going to have the st st rib on the inside for comfort, but now I think the rib looks better than the seed stitch type pattern (top of page). The scarf should soften up after soaking and blocking, anyhow.

entrelac - super slow progress

The main project of the season, however, would be the entrelac blankets (yes, plural…). I’m not tired of these yet, but entrelac in general is such a slow process for me ;_; Still, there is time and I think the end products will look nice.