pork dinner

Balsamic vinegar always leads to some form of yum. This particular pork preparation comes from Biggest Book of 30 Minute Meals with modifications from Joyful Abode. The sauce also went really well with the asparagus, a last-minute addition. The rice-tomato bit was an attempt at the rice cakes from Chocolate & Zucchini, but I ran out of oil before I could get some proper cakes going. There is plenty of the rice mixture left, however, so I will give it another shot soon.

In other news, I did some browsing at Vertigo Books (if you live in/near CP and have not gone there, please go) and found some good cookbooks on the sale shelves.

The first one is Essential Cook’s Hints & Tips: A Ready Reference at Your Fingertips. I wanted a quick reference instead of my usual mad dashes into the bedroom to look things up on the internet while cooking, so here it is. It’s well laid out with plenty of helpful (albeit small) pictures and such–this was also the cheapest of the three I purchased. I hope it’ll be handy during my frantic cooking nights.

The second is The Improvisational Cook. This looks very, very interesting–it’s a book that gives you basic recipes and then explains the logic behind the ingredients/methods used and then guides you along with substitutions and creating new ideas inspired by the given recipes. Though I have not looked at this in detail, I really like this idea–will be useful for leftover type things and being more efficient with groceries over all.

This last one is my favorite: A Baker’s Tour :) I should say that this is chef Nick Malgieri’s collection of dessert recipes from around the world, but the pictures should say the rest. That and I really want to at least look through his other books now.

A few shots of some pages:





So exciting :) This is only after a quick browse, so I’m sure more detailed reading will inspire more happiness/drooling. Experiments forthcoming!