a DIY lightbox

Yesterday and today were really quiet days… the calm before the storm that is November exams. So first in a line of several crafty news items is the aforementioned light box! I ended up using the one described by Strobist… only I didn’t even have leftover gift tissue paper, so I got some bathroom paper towels instead.

All one really needs to do then is to aim and shoot carefully… or do it messily and very easily fix your mistakes with Photoshop :) Adjusting levels and cropping are all that is necessary, which is pretty brilliant. In this particular example I could have even erased the darker bit in the top right corner, but I thought this was decent for minimal editing.

This was done with the overhead crappy florescent light on plus one lamp. I would like to do two lamps, but that would involve cleaning my desk off… one lamp seems to work, for now.

lightbox test 2

By the way, this is one of five skeins of Cascade 220 I got from eBay for $16 :D