December 2007

EDIT: Upon showing the recipe to my mother I realized that I forgot to mention my two minor changes to the recipe–1) I used 1/2 cup of sugar instead of one. 2) I could only find low fat yogurt at the grocery store. Still delicious!

I really, really liked eating this cake. (Past tense since it’s almost entirely gone already.) When I saw the intriguing yogurt cake recipe on Chocolate & Zucchini and the subsequent blueberry yogurt cake post on the same blog, I was sold. “A fluffy, cloud-like and moist affair”? No measuring cups? Excellent. So here it is, in bundt form with some of the leftover cream filling and cooked blueberries from the earlier pastries.

blueberry yogurt cake

one slice later

a slice of blueberry yogurt cake

So I’m eating my final slice of this cake (must… save the rest… for others… ), drinking tea, writing this post, and preparing for a trip to York for Christmas. It is a really good feeling.


This was last night’s dinner to celebrate the first day of semester break.

protein sandwich

So after Emily talked about rolling chicken up with ham and things inside I wanted to try the same thing. But I think I needed a meat mallet? So after stubbornly trying to roll thick slabs of chicken breast up anyway and failing miserably these turned into meat sandwiches: two halves of a chicken breast as top and bottom buns and sliced Virginia ham, provolone cheese, and spinach in the middle. Fried first as suggested and then baked at 350F until the cheese started to get messy (15 to 20 minutes, probably).

stove-roasted pepper

This was my attempt at making the meal somewhat healthy. Because first of all what goes better with fried chicken than beer? And if you’re drinking beer and taking a break from the main dish you want something salty on the side so you grab some chips or something. And then we start going down a dark path so I tried roasting a pepper on the gas stove. It would have turned out well had I not 1) freaked out when sparks were flying and 2) gotten really, really hungry during the cooking process. So while it was mildly successful I didn’t nearly char the outside of the pepper enough. This can also be done in the oven, although after the initial panic it is fun to watch the pepper turn black and start to peel itself.

fruit and cream cheese pastry

Here is dessert no. 1, which is puff pastry with cream and cooked raspberry (pictured) or blueberries. This is actually attempt no. 2 at this dessert :) Fairly successful this time although I like the idea of having the filling enclosed, as in our (mine and Emily’s) fruit-and-cheese pastries. Anyhow this is just good old Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets, fruit cooked in sugar, and this cream filling (but with less sugar). A third attempt at this pastry would include mascarpone cheese instead of cream cheese, I think.

Dinner, part 2 is dedicated to dessert no. 2. Read the next post!

Finals week is approaching! And that means study food:


Though I am excited to move off campus, I have to admit that I will miss the delicious late night prepaid goodness that is the Commons Shop. The frozen food is usually no good and the produce way, way overpriced and not fresh, but the back section is home to unexpected foods like my two purchases above: whippets and a bag of veggie sticks.

A whippet is basically a s’more without the meltiness. This doesn’t sound very exciting but man I love a good fruit jelly and this particular box of whippets I found are raspberry flavored. Delicious! I also like this piece of trivia, courtesy of Wikipedia’s article on chocolate-coated marshmallow treats:

The Whippet cookie is a distinct part of Quebec culture because it does not travel well outside its area of production. This is partly because the pure chocolate melts very easily (compared with a chocolate mixture) and therefore they require refrigerated transport in summer. Furthermore, the combination of the hard chocolate shell and the air-filled inner marshmallow make them self-destruct when placed in the unpressurized or semi-pressurized cargo section of an airplane. However, they are currently available at least as far away as Toronto, Ontario and New York City.

Seeing this happen would have been fun :x But I’ll settle for the challenge of not eating the whole box at once.

Continuing on my shameless eating spree, let’s go to these veggie sticks. I’m well aware that they are nothing more than colorful and glorified potato chips in stick form, but they taste a lot like shrimp chips so I was sold. Besides, the last time I had a good bag of potato chips was in York… even Martin’s potato chips is the only snack food I’ve seen that still has trans fat in it, they are seriously still my favorite chip.

Study also leads to lots of knitting; it’s good procrastination and good busywork for the hands during seemingly endless studying and reviewing. Here is the beginning of the moderne that will be going to my dad this Christmas:

moderne 2 in progress

PS. As I was knitting last night I looked down at what I was doing and also saw the box of whippets out of the corner of my eye and realized that I am making a blanket in raspberry whippet colors. So as it turns out I really am a slave to food. Not that this is a bad thing…

And one more! I found these in the closet over Thanksgiving: a pair of Kate Gilbert’s “Gifted” mittens I made a couple of years ago (2004? 2005?).

chunky mittens

I wore them today and they are as warm and squishy as ever :) The yarn is Classic Elite Paintbox from Ben Franklin’s in York–this may be the first wool I ever bought! It is merino, so it is soft and has plenty of spring to it. Some of this might be good for the Cherie Amour I have wanted to make for a little while if I can find some on eBay. But that’s reserved for after Christmas…