Allow me to present one of my mom’s creations which eventually turned into my almost-exclusive snack while staying in York: the breakfast muffin.

breakfast muffin

Here, mom uses the Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook‘s basic muffin recipe but adds Canadian bacon and green onions. It is reminiscent of an omelet (yum) and is best enjoyed when warm!

And now for a reprise of my new favorite cake:

melted strawberry yogurt cake

Yes, it is indeed the yogurt cake from Chocolate and Zucchini again but made festive (sort of, in a messy sort of way) by lining the bottom of the bundt pan with strawberries before baking. Better than icing, yes? My brother bought some chocolate whipped cream which we ate with this cake… a good combination.

Future Goal: A Bûche de Noël.