Over the next couple years I hope to be gradually more and more crafty with my birthday/special occasion/holiday presents. Christmas was a good start because cold weather gear is not too difficult for a knitter to manage so I decided to make a few accessories for my wonderful relatives.

gifted Bainbridge; abridged explanation

Scarves are great because you don’t have to worry about fit, and the Bainbridge Scarf from Pepperknit had already earned my seal of approval (see my first attempt here!) so this present was at the top of my Christmas to-do list. PS. I tried renaming the scarf on the tag to prevent confusion (though I love the original name) but still had to later refer the recipient to the pattern PDF for wearing instructions… oops.

garter wristwarmer, knit flat

This next present was also meant to be a quick but effective knit… however, I decided to abuse myself and used smaller-than-necessary needles on Wool-Ease (6s?) and so this actually took a lot longer than I had planned. Fortunately one only needs to knit a flat rectangle of garter stitch and then seam it up :)

chunky fingerless mitt

By the third present I decided to do something that wasn’t just one stitch, yet by this point I was starting to run short on time. So I improvised a pair of chunky (two strands of Wool-Ease held together) fingerless mitts. It is knit in the round (1 circ magic loop) and uses the eyelet cable from this Black Dog Knits pattern. <– this sock is definitely in my to-knit queue, by the way!

Future goal: to have the holiday knitting prowess of Mrs. Weasley… just kidding :D

Check out the next post for more Christmas goodness!