Before you guilt trip me on not finishing my overdue thank-you present (see previous post), the cable comfort throw is finished. I need to finish putting furniture together so I have space for blocking, though… oops.

Anyway, to celebrate the fact that my hair is the longest it has ever been, I made a hat.

foliage, profile

Since Ravelry has owned my life for the entire semester break it is only appropriate that I jump on a Ravelry bandwagon. As of 4:26am Saturday there are 888 Foliages going on, yowza. It’s understandable, though–the lace was really easy to memorize but yields really good results (Walker Treasuries, I will own copies of you some day) and it was a fun knit. Plus I liked the slouch trend going on with this project.

Here are more details:

foliage 1

Pattern: Foliage from Knitty fall ’07
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in deep olive, doubled
Needle: size 10 circ
Notes: several modifications were listed by Foliagers on Ravelry to make a chunky/slouchy beret type hat. I liked the results that skrilla, teamknit, and ampersandgirl had. The mods include knitting the worsted weight crown directions with chunky yarn or adding extra repeats of the leaf lace. Since I was already on my first repeat when I went hunting for modification instructions, I opted to just do a whole extra repeat and then also did a deeper brim in twisted rib. Reeeeeally digging the results so lots of thanks go out to the aforementioned knitters!

PS. This may sound silly or naive, I don’t know. But I wet-blocked this hat and oh my cow it made my bathroom smell like a barn. This is not my first time wet-blocking wool but it is my first time dunking this particular yarn in water (only other time I used this was to make Pasha the Penguin) so is this a common occurrence with this yarn? Anyway I attacked everything with Febreze and all was well with the world.

I really like this hat. Make it.