millionaire's shortbread

Chocolate and caramel and salt. Basically these little bars are the solution to every PMS craving ever.

Recipe from Bake and Shake, click here for the recipe and if you don’t want the recipe click anyway because I think the blog is a good read.

Here is another photo. It is seemingly random but actually very relevant:

not caramel, obvi

My first attempt at the caramel-making. Lesson of the day: if you’re craving chocolate and caramel and salt all at once, make these and eat them ASAP. However, even if your cravings are really, really intense, don’t go turning the heat on high thinking that caramel will magically appear in 5 minutes instead of 20 or 30. Resist!

Another recipe (link) make a few interesting suggestions. One is to use dulce de leche instead of the condensed milk/sugar/butter, but that feels less exciting than the threat of having a mass of blackened sugar at the bottom of your sauce pan. Another is to beat the melted caramel before you pour it onto the shortbread… which I will try next time since I ended up with some pretty huge lumps in my caramel that wouldn’t budge when I was stirring during the cooking process. The last idea is to cut the bars before the chocolate hardens completely which is worth trying as well.

Final note: during my second caramel attempt (the successful one) I used unsalted butter and also didn’t add salt to the caramel. End results were still incredibly salty! Tasted good with a cup of strong jasmine tea.