You either love pom poms or you hate them… let’s just say I’ll be wearing this scarf pretty much every single day.

anthropologie-inspired scarf

I’ve always wanted to knit one of those “CO 123980567021 stitches but only knit 3 rows” scarves but never got around to it… yet here was a chance to do it with chunky yarn, furthering my streak of knitting chunky/doubled worsted things and also getting an opportunity to make giant pom poms AND wear them too. Hah! The “oh god spring semester has started must knit to destress” frenzy has also kicked in, thereby upping my patience threshold for knitting rows that are 266 stitches long.

Pattern/guide: this craftster thread by tragicheroine
Yarn: Patons Merino, doubled
Needle: size 10
Notes: 266 st cast on, knitted around 20 rows, too lazy to do the sewn bind off–replaced with purl-wise bind off to match the long-tail cast on. Was never really successful with making pom poms with those cardboard rings so Bella Dia’s tutorial to make them with your fingers was a must.

So now that I’ve ventured into the world of lengthwise scarf knitting, is Henry next? Hmmm… maybe not. Yet.

PS. The quilt in the background was a present from my mom when I left for college. I love it!