Not very much crafting lately since I have doubled my work hours in order to make up the month of Mozarty goodness that is the opera studio’s production of Cosi fan tutte. Now usually I can knit at work, but the theatre productions are also in full swing–the Filthy Rich run ends this weekend but Ash Girl picks up where its predecessor leaves off–this makes every weeknight and weekend I work a full on performance shift until further notice.

So this has been happening instead:

worst scrabulous game ever

Let me just note that this is a game played with a stranger and is therefore completely unplanned and therefore hilarious. Apparently the game board didn’t like this arrangement either because it started eating letters (note that the last play was “kale” in the lower part of the board but there is no A… also I only have six tiles) so this beauty/monstrosity of a scrabble game had to end.

Hopefully crafting or at least food experimentation will resume soon, but until then life is kind of just scrabulous.

Also I’m really corny. Hah. But don’t kick me off of your feed reader just yet! Stay tuned.