March 2008

I really love pancakes. Fortunately for me, IHOP’s free pancake day tends to fall near my birthday; unfortunately, I’ve tried to make pancakes with pancake mix twice so far and have failed miserably both times. So today was my first attempt at pancakes from scratch from this recipe. And…?

raspberry pancakes

Success! Or so it would appear. After accidentally burning the first pancake (note to self: no oil necessary; only use medium and not medium-high heat) the rest started looking pretty good with the right color and fluffiness. As expected, adding raspberries definitely worked well. Taste, however, was a bit lacking… these were way too salty. (Did I use a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon?) That pretty much overwhelmed any of the other expected flavors, so I’ll have to modify things next time for a better gauge. The comments accompanying the above recipe suggest adding vanilla (mmm) and less salt (definitely). Will try again soon!


Having made the delicious chocolate pear cake last October I knew that there could be nothing wrong with making this gloriously rich chocolate pear tart from Chocolate and Zucchini. After all, I had a leftover pie crust waiting to be used (by the way: is a pie really only different from a tart because a pie has sloped sides?) and some leftover chocolate from previous baking experiments; here are the results.

chocolate pear pie

Modifications include using a pre-made pie crust (though the chocolate crust described in the recipe does sound amazing) and mixing semi-sweet and unsweetened chocolate for the ganache. For me, the ganache by itself was too bitter but was perfect with the pears; the saltiness of the crust was also a good contribution to the taste.


more chocolate pear pie

ganache detail

Basically, chocolate + pear in any form = delicious. Fondue, even, would be a good setting. Try the aforementioned cake recipe or this one!

This week was split between York, Philadelphia, New York, and DC–lots of fantastic events in very good company… but not so many pictures. Some day I will remember to bring my camera to shows and outings! I do, however, have a couple of yarn pictures:


lion cashmere blend

The Ben Franklin’s in York was either moving or closing completely; everything from craft supplies to store shelves was being sold or auctioned off. Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of the massive clearance, but I did emerge from the shopping frenzy with 2 skeins of the Atacama and 6 of the Lion Cashmere Blend… at 60% off! Judging from the shelf tags and the leftover skeins in the store, I probably would’ve gotten my hands on some Debbie Bliss DK Cashmerino had I been there a bit earlier… sigh. Still, two skeins of handpainted alpaca at less than the price of one? Awesome.

leggy cupcakes

Thursday was a day of art gallerying in DC and dinner at the fantastic Sushi Taro in Dupont (Emily: I’m officially a fan)–really should have taken pictures at both Freer/Sackler (where allowed) and the restaurant, but instead I present to you a page from a book of cakes that look like rear ends. Are my priorities straight? Not really. But at least I kept things food related… this is from the book Xtra Naughty Cakes: Step-By-Step Recipes for 19 Cheeky, Fun Cakes; not sure if I’d make any of these for myself (tastiness being high on my list and probably not so high with these recipes) but the book was a good flip-through.

Next post: food!

  • ratatouille (the Smitten Kitchen version)
  • omelettes from the leftover ratatouille produce–good with Tabasco
  • new mandoline and food processor
  • pecan pie on pi day!

Fortunately for this blog (and for anyone who happens to be around my apartment?) I will definitely make the ratatouille again plus tweak the pecan pie so that nobody dies from a sugar overdose. In the mean time I have a ton of stuff in the recipe queue (challah! and… MORE PIE) so hopefully Saturday and Sunday will be big food days.

Apparently Emily and I cause kitchens to explode in a frenzy of tiny pies:

tiny fruit pies
Filled with either blueberries or peach and rum. Some day I will learn to do a proper egg wash.

tiny chicken pot pies
Chicken pot pies in miniature! All credit to Emily for these.

I feel like the current trend will be more foody and less yarny for at least a little while. We’ll see how that works out. Stay tuned!

A follow-up to Emily’s post:

and after you open the box...

Still really speechless except to say that I could not possibly be happier.

PS. The two masterminds (i.e., dorks) who are responsible for this… ♥

bowl of fingers

Baking a bowl of fingers just seemed appropriate for watching The Shining, what with the trying to chop wives apart bits and all.


Yeah, they look a lot creepier in the dark. And the general consensus, I think, was that these ended up looking like manly fingers with red nail polish. (Jesus after a bowling accident, perhaps? Heheh. Not my joke, but you know who you are.) Martha’s are definitely more feminine, but these were sufficiently creepy!

oreo truffle

And then Cara had the idea not only making oreo truffles but making them into eyeballs; didn’t quite get around to this before the movie started, but these are DELICIOUS. The recipe is from Bakerella–try it!