I really love pancakes. Fortunately for me, IHOP’s free pancake day tends to fall near my birthday; unfortunately, I’ve tried to make pancakes with pancake mix twice so far and have failed miserably both times. So today was my first attempt at pancakes from scratch from this recipe. And…?

raspberry pancakes

Success! Or so it would appear. After accidentally burning the first pancake (note to self: no oil necessary; only use medium and not medium-high heat) the rest started looking pretty good with the right color and fluffiness. As expected, adding raspberries definitely worked well. Taste, however, was a bit lacking… these were way too salty. (Did I use a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon?) That pretty much overwhelmed any of the other expected flavors, so I’ll have to modify things next time for a better gauge. The comments accompanying the above recipe suggest adding vanilla (mmm) and less salt (definitely). Will try again soon!