This week was split between York, Philadelphia, New York, and DC–lots of fantastic events in very good company… but not so many pictures. Some day I will remember to bring my camera to shows and outings! I do, however, have a couple of yarn pictures:


lion cashmere blend

The Ben Franklin’s in York was either moving or closing completely; everything from craft supplies to store shelves was being sold or auctioned off. Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of the massive clearance, but I did emerge from the shopping frenzy with 2 skeins of the Atacama and 6 of the Lion Cashmere Blend… at 60% off! Judging from the shelf tags and the leftover skeins in the store, I probably would’ve gotten my hands on some Debbie Bliss DK Cashmerino had I been there a bit earlier… sigh. Still, two skeins of handpainted alpaca at less than the price of one? Awesome.

leggy cupcakes

Thursday was a day of art gallerying in DC and dinner at the fantastic Sushi Taro in Dupont (Emily: I’m officially a fan)–really should have taken pictures at both Freer/Sackler (where allowed) and the restaurant, but instead I present to you a page from a book of cakes that look like rear ends. Are my priorities straight? Not really. But at least I kept things food related… this is from the book Xtra Naughty Cakes: Step-By-Step Recipes for 19 Cheeky, Fun Cakes; not sure if I’d make any of these for myself (tastiness being high on my list and probably not so high with these recipes) but the book was a good flip-through.

Next post: food!