Having made the delicious chocolate pear cake last October I knew that there could be nothing wrong with making this gloriously rich chocolate pear tart from Chocolate and Zucchini. After all, I had a leftover pie crust waiting to be used (by the way: is a pie really only different from a tart because a pie has sloped sides?) and some leftover chocolate from previous baking experiments; here are the results.

chocolate pear pie

Modifications include using a pre-made pie crust (though the chocolate crust described in the recipe does sound amazing) and mixing semi-sweet and unsweetened chocolate for the ganache. For me, the ganache by itself was too bitter but was perfect with the pears; the saltiness of the crust was also a good contribution to the taste.


more chocolate pear pie

ganache detail

Basically, chocolate + pear in any form = delicious. Fondue, even, would be a good setting. Try the aforementioned cake recipe or this one!