Here are some things I tried for the first time on Sunday:

cajun fries

Five Guys. Finally! Even though there are now two of these in York and one a couple of miles down 193, I still hadn’t been until now. No burger picture since I inhaled it a second after unwrapping the foil (the patties are top-notch, in my opinion), but the fries lose against Checkers’. Still: impressive in both portion and starchiness.

bee pollen

Bee pollen was definitely new and unheard-of for me. Even though Hannah explained that we were supposed to just swallow a spoonful with water, I chewed anyway… tasted like dried berries.

apple-flavored vinegar

This is apple-flavored vinegar. When mixed with water it still smelled heavily of vinegar but tasted like apple juice, yum.

don't judge us for thinking these are tasty

And then there were these little pink mini-Hershey’s kisses that turned out to be hamster food… surprisingly delicious hamster food. Please don’t judge me based on that last statement.

The day ended with not-new-but-still-awesome kimchi and rice. A good stomach day, I think!