Ahh, the sound of a flan falling to its messy demise on a dinner plate:

the failed flan that tasted like success

This uses the same recipe as the last flan I made, only this time we added some lemon zest and cinnamon into the egg mixture. Also, David managed to cook the caramel perfectly and have a good spread, only I was an idiot and used springform pans for both the flan and the bain-marie. (Hardened caramel SHOULD make the pan leak-proof, right? Right?) So there was some drippage going on. Plus the flan took over an hour to cook. Still, the aroma was promising so we let the flan cool and proceeded to flip… everything came apart. Maybe water seeped into the flan? Maybe we didn’t let the flan cool sufficiently? (I am impatient about these kinds of things.)

Still, the lemon zest and cinnamon? Excellent additions.