May 2008

I don’t post that often to begin with, but just to make this official: blogging will be on hold, at least for a while.


four (now 3.5) loaves

Challah batch #3 is of the dried apricot and white chocolate variety. Mmm! Once again, the recipe is from Baking and Books. This time I didn’t change the recipe at all (usually I cut everything in half) but divided the dough into four loaves, each of which were still pretty sizable.

four-strand weave

Really loving this food-weaving business. Four strands, this time.

apricot chocolate challah detail

It’s nice to have a dessert bread to snack on throughout the day. This was generally a success, but some notes: I first considered chopping the dried apricots in a food processor but ended up just roughly quartering them instead, leaving pretty large chunks. This was a good choice I think, though David is requesting more apricots for next time. Personally I don’t think white chocolate is that great, but I had leftovers from making the oreo truffles from before. A a bittersweet/dark would be good here, considering how sweet the crumb and crust were this time. I wouldn’t go as far as not sprinkling sugar on top, though… ! Also, I might roll in the dried fruit/chocolate a bit later in the process (just before weaving?) since I felt like the dough couldn’t rise as much with stuff weighing it down. Maybe.