chocolate cake with abricotage

I have so much love for and faith in the Chocolate and Zucchini blog that when Alice requested “something with chocolate” I immediately found what I was looking for in C&Z: this recipe for a chocolate cake (baked in a bain marie!) with an extra bit of deliciousness at the top.

I have not officially tasted this cake, but I did sneak a chunk of chocolaty goodness when I prematurely transferred the cake onto a plate and large bits stuck to the pan. Results? Soft, really moist, and so good.

Had to fudge a few minor details: ran out of granulated sugar so used some brown; ran out of dark chocolate so threw about 2 oz of white in there, and my baking time was something like 45 minutes to an hour (this seems to happen when I use bain maries; the flan I made before also took forever, though that was in a different oven.) Also threw in some instant espresso powder for good luck and possibly general flavor enhancement (?).

So since this cake was made at Alice’s request I’ll wait a little longer before tasting; stay tuned for a report!

PS. What is the best way to transport and small and fairly fragile cake?