Hello all,

Blogger has recommenced in two different places: a knitting/crochet-only (mostly knitting) blog and an everything-else one.





I don’t post that often to begin with, but just to make this official: blogging will be on hold, at least for a while.

A follow-up to Emily’s post:

and after you open the box...

Still really speechless except to say that I could not possibly be happier.

PS. The two masterminds (i.e., dorks) who are responsible for this… ♥

A belated happy holidays and new year! My ’07-’08 changeover was relaxingly spent in Wisconsin–no school, no work, and no crafting (temporarily!) Instead, there was beautiful snow, wonderful company, and animals to hang out with.


Though that trip is over, semester break is still on… which means catching up on unfinished knitting! Hope 2008 is a good one for all :)